This is the mantra that has inspired me in my personal and professional growth. I started my business about seven years ago. When I left in search of my path, of my very personal treasure, I brought with me a suitcase, a dream and a certainty.
My dream was to be able to create a set of jewellery unique in their kind; the certainty was that, to realize it, I would have to tell my story and the story of the places where I was born and raised. Yes, because you can make many beautiful and precious things, but they will never have any value if you have not deeply imbued them with the vivid colours of your soul. Thus, my brand is born that tells who I am and what has become of Matera, my city.
My creations are like the Sassi di Matera where I used to walk as a child, a landscape where even history seems frozen. I grew up in the Sassi, I nourished myself every day with the colours and the scents of the soil that surrounded me. The soul of these places, with its perfumes, colours, its people, serious and industrious, are part of who I am and of my professional career. My brand lives of the colours as the stylized windows, looking out over the world, which make up the logo of Matera 2019. A real greeting to the day that is born, the opening to change, a new beginning made of joy and trust in what will come.
The first collection ‘I Colori Della Frutta’ reproduces the polychromies present in the products of the earth, while the latest creation ‘Candy Shop’ is inspired by the tradition, passion and creativity of the South. My jewels have the ambition to evoke, in those who wear them, the shapes, colours, scents and flavours of the places where my journey began. I’m excited about the idea that a bracelet, a ring or an earring can excite and become a sensory experience at three hundred and sixty degrees. I like to think that the yellow and orange of a sapphire can remember the warm August sun that caresses the stones, the green of an emerald bring back to the crown of a tree, the red of a ruby evoke a juicy and sweet fruit, the blue of a paraiba tourmaline brings to mind the cloudless skies of a beautiful spring day.
I like to combine all these colours together, I like to imagine that they explode and fall on a woman’s body like pyrotechnic games, like those fireworks I admired as child when in occasion of the Saint Patron celebrations ‘Madonna della Bruna’, Matera’s nights where lit with thousands coloured trails.

“Whatever your ambitions, whatever your destination,
never stop listening to your heart and never forget where you coming from.”

I left Matera seven years ago with a suitcase, a dream, a certainty. Today Lucy G has 12 authorized dealers in Italy. My goal is to keep growing and to be present in the most important and beautiful Italian jewellers and to make my brand known all over the world.